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Kalmbach Guide to North American Caboose
Guide to North American Caboose €24,99

Kalmbach Guide to North American Caboose

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Guide to North American Caboose


  • Autor: Carl Byron with Don Heimburger
  • Softcover
  • 224 Seiten

Get the go-to source for history and operation of North American cabooses! This 224-page book, written by Carl Byron with Don Heimburger, explains why cabooses existed, how they evolved, how they were used, and why they eventually disappeared. Guide to North American Cabooses shows and explains designs common to regions as well as designs specific to many individual railroads, closing with the common International-built bay-window and wide-cupola cabooses that appeared on railroads across the country.

You’ll find details on:

  • What employees did while aboard.
  • How cabooses often served as living quarters for crews during the steam era.
  • Information on operation and roles of crew members.
  • Types of cabooses including four-wheel bobbers, wooden, steel, bay-window and wide-cupola.
  • And more!



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